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In conclusion, we can be brief. If we had to start all over again assembling an audio system, the Soltanus ESL Virtuoso would be in the top 3 of our wish list. This speaker is well built, easy to place and its pricing for delivered musical quality very competitive.

The first thought was that speakers like the Virtuosos are why I love ESLs. I love holographic vocals and being able to get a sense of the nature of the musician’s instruments. I love when you can hear the sound of fingers sliding down nylon strings and the attack of percussions and crash of high-hat cymbals. I love the way a well recorded song can transport you to the place where the music and singers are being recorded.

This system lacked the dynamic prowess and sheer output capability of the Vivid Audio-Luxman rig, but its clarity was superb, and its midrange presentation was to die for -- voices sounded dazzling. The level of transparency was also first-rate -- the piano in “Within,” from Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories (Columbia), hovered precisely in space with crystalline clarity, while Rebecca Pidgeon’s voice in “Grandmother,” from her The Raven (Chesky), was so clean, pure, and effortless, it was as if she were there in the room.

My tech who has received awards at audio shows tell's me it is really relative. For example, the company he represented mated a pair of Soltanus Acoustics Virtuoso ESL, which run $15,000.00-$20,000.00 range, mated with a restored - by him - 1970s Threshold 100w amp and was awarded top over numerous other systems/manufacturers there that were $100k+ systems.

Translated from German:


The special feature of the Virtuoso is razor sharp [accurate] lower frequency range, which cannot be said for most other electrostatics.There are songs with electronic bass and bass drum that are difficult to disentangle. We have never been able, until now...


It’s like re-discovering your favorite music all over again and this time properly! ESL Virtuoso delivers hugely in the midrange and treble range.

For example, we have rarely heard pianos and harpsichords so vividly, freshly and naturally.

The Virtuoso delivers each overtone so precisely, giving us impression that we are right in front of the sound source

These special speakers are highly recommended

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Basso:erittäin tarkka ja sävykäs.Ilmava ja nopea.Ei mene ihan pohjaan mutta riittävästi.vau
Keskialue:erittäin nopea ja ilmava.hyvin luonnollinen piano tulee upeasti.Äänet on huoneessa.Erittäin erotteleva kuitenkin puhdas rasittamaton toisto.Huippuluokkaa.
Yläpää:Edelleen hyvin nopea ilmava ja sävykäs.Pellit vapaat ja luonnolliset.Kärkikastia

Yhteenveto: Olipa positiivinen yllätys.On just mitä on hehkutettu.Mikään jytäkaiutin ei ole vaan täydellinen sille joka ymmärtää mistä on kysymys.Ääni on iso ja erittäin livemäinen ja yhtenäinen..Läsnäolo mahtavaa.Tarkka kuuntelupaikasta.Äänestä tulee mieleen Quad 2905 tai Soundlab.Paras kaiutin mitä olen hintaisekseen kuullu ja osin paras mitä oon ikinä kuullu.😊😊😊

A big, gorgeous, unstressed, immersive sonic experience. And better than any pure electrostatic that I’ve heard previously. With 1970’s rock and other overproduced music, it didn’t fare as well – and that only contributed to my feeling that this is a very worthy transducer. $11,000 Canadian is the retail price for the Soltanus. If you’re in the market and even if that sounds like a lot, find a way to hear these speakers. I really doubt they’ll be priced this low in a year or two. Best New Speakers of the 2015 Show goes to Soltanus Acoustics and their importer, Brooklyn Audio.

Tone Audio has also asked to review and we have had several Best of Show mentions from 6 Moons , Stereophile, Soundstage , Wall of Sound and Enjoy The Music.
I have sold Quads and have owned 57's , stacked 57's , 63's , 2805's and 2905's as well as a couple Acoustats , Innersonds and Martin Logans and to my ears the Virtuoso's are the best ESL that I have ever owned.

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